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Great ways to work on ourselves

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L'iluy Nishmas  David Chaim ben Tzvi Akiva-Rottenstreich-z''l 
L'iluy Nishamas for those who were murdered the Fogel Family (add in a name you have) z''l 
Lichvod/Dear Klal Yisrael this page is L'iluy Nishamas David Chaim ben Tzvi Akiva z''l it is designed to help one get closer to Hashem by working on one's self. Below you will find a some great ways to work on yourself...B'zechus this may Hashem help you, lead you, and guide you with all your bakashos that you have l'tov....May Hashem hear all of our cries and may Hashem take us out of this galus we are in B'mehira B'yameinu. Amen!!!!!!
I read someone's comment on torah.org that said- ''He was sick and the doctors could not find a cure for him. One day he was going down the steps of a hospital, he said to Hashem , "I always say the B'rocho of Asher Yotzar with good kavanah -intent, can You please heal me in that merit" - and he was healed soon after''. He is known as a miracle case.
We should accept one or more of the following mitzvos upon ourselves for a Refu'ah Shelaima for a choleh, for parnasa, for shalom bais, for shalom, for a yeshua, for Klal Yisrael, please add in your own bakasha.
''A good way to start say to Hashem-
'' I love You Hashem with all my heart. Then say I always say the B'rocho of Asher Yotzar with good kavanah-intent or pick one thing below and work on it, then say ''can You please help me in that merit" .       
Please help me with........ May Hashem give us much bracha and hatzlacha b'chol masaei ydeinu l'tov amen!!!

Please have in mind ask you are working on yourself that it be a zechus for the Matzav in Eretz Yisrael and around the world. For the sodiers for bracha and hatzlacha, for the wounded soldiers and for those that were nifter that their neshama should have an Aliyah. Keep saying Ein Od milvado, internalizing and bringing Hashem more into our life. click here for more info.
We should have in mind as we accept one or more of the following mitzvos upon ourselves for a Refu'ah Shelaima for a Choleh, for Parnasa, for Shalom Bayis, for Shalom, for a Yeshua, for bracha vhtzlacha, for Klal Yisrael, please add in your own Bakasha.

 1) learn for 5 min
2) learn for 10 min
3) learn for 15 min
4) learn for half-an-hour
5) learn for 45 min
6) learn for one hour
7) learn 1 Halacha
8) learn 1 Amud (one side of the page) of Gemara
9) learn 1 Blatt (double-sided page) of Gemara
10) do Shnayim Mikra Ve'echad Targum (reciting each passuk of the weekly parasha two times [in the hebrew] and then once [in a translation - Onkelos/Rashi, or English if needed]
11a) be more careful with reciting \B'rachot on food.
11b) have more kavvana with B'rachot on food
12) be more careful with saying B'racha Achrona
13a) be more careful with reciting "Asher Yatzar."
13b) say (click on 
"Asher Yatzar" to learn/read more) with more Kavana
14) make sure to go to Minyan for Davening
15) have more Kavana in Shema
16) have more Kavana in 1st Beracha of Shemona Esrei
17) have more Kavanah for first three Berachot of Shemonah Esrei
18) have more Kavanah for the entire Shemonah Esrei
19) help someone in need
20) refrain from Lashon Hara for an hour or longer.
21) Don't make fun of anyone
22) think before you speak make sure it will not embarrass or hurt someone by saying something wrong,(Chas V'sholom)
23) Go to shul and answer
Amen, Yehei Shmei Rabba" with sincere kavannah
24) Say T'
hillim understanding the words and believing in them
NEW-click here for a great Tehillim site, for a specific bakashos.    
25) To call Hashem click on Hashem's Phone Number
26) Many have asked me How does one call out to Hashem B'Emes? Hashem loves when we work on ourselves. When one learns Torah that is the best remedy to fight against the yetzer hara. Spend more time in getting to know Hashem. Recently I was contacted by a wonderful on line Yeshiva that has much to offer.
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27) Go to www.Torahanytime.com to listen to over 7500 shiurim
28) Join Ben Olam Habah and recieve two Halachos each day
 Our holy sages, the Chazal tell us  
  תנא דבי אליהו כל השונה הלכות בכל יום מובטח לו שהוא בן עולם הבא, שנאמר הליכות עולם לו, אל תקרי הליכות אלא הלכות
- one who studies [at least two] Halachos daily is assured a portion in Olam Haba -  the world to come.   (Talmud Niddah 73a) 
30) write to the Fogel Family
Share your condolences and mitzvah resolutions with the Fogel orphans
courtesy of chabad.org click here 
31) In response the brutal murders by terrorists of Udi and Rut Fogel and three of their children,
Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, three months, in Israel, click Naaleh.com has announced a special learning program in their memory.
32) Shabbos campaign click here
33) Shmiras Haloshon Daily (A Daily Companion).
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NEW-34) Stop the talking in shul, and shut off cell phone before you go in. It is a huge zechus.
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