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Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin says, “We are living in a time where we need extra protection from Hashem, and it appears that this protection is lacking. It seems that the reason for this is because there is talking in Shul during DaveningChazal teach us that our Shuls are our protection from our enemies. Our Shuls are where the Shechinah is found, and this Shechinah is what protects us. When we talk in Shul we chase the Shechinah away! The Noda B’Yehuda writes in his Drashah for Chanukah, there is no greater rebellion to Hashem than to talk in Shul during Davening! It is the biggest disgrace we can do to Hashem! It says in Shulchan Aruch that the Aveirah is too great for Hashem to hold! It causes the Shechinah to leave the Shul! Can you imagine going to your friend’s house and chasing him out of his house?! Is there any worse thing than going into Hashem’s House, the Shul, and chasing Hashem out of His House?!? This is a tremendous rebellion! The Zohar says that it shows he is a Kofer B’Ikar, a heretic and a deviant! The talker doesn’t realize that Hashem is right there! How can you speak right in the presence of Hashem and push Him to the side?? If we can strengthen ourselves with this, we will merit the Protection of Hashem for us and all of Klal Yisroel, that our Tzaros will stop, our suffering and distress will end, and we will be Zocheh to greet Moshiach B’karov!!!

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This whole campaign is for
***Liluy Nishamas Mintza bas R' Shimshon Mordechai HaLevi***
***Liluy Nishamas Reuven ben Ezra, Rivka bas Yitzchack Aaron Shalom ben Naftali Heretzka Yisrael***
and for a zechus for all of Klal Yisrael. 



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3. This song is by Abie Rotenberg and appears on the album Journeys II (1989)click here to listen.

3. In a little town somewhere in Europe
Just about a hundred years ago
Lived a simple man his name was Yankel
And this is how his story goes

Yankel couldn't learn a blatt gemara
Why he barely knew to read and write
Deep in his heart he loved to do the mitzvos
But somehow he never seemed to get things right

He didn't know his brachos, couldn't say shma by heart
He'd daven shmoneh esray with his feet spread wide apart
Everyone would laugh and snicker when he passed them by in shul
Here comes Yankel am ha'aretz could there be a bigger fool

All the children would make fun of Yankel
Teasing him as if he were a child
But he never ever lost his temper
On his face there was always a smile

Now the Rabbi tried to learn with Yankel
So the young man would know how to cope
In one ear but then out the other
The Rabbi gave up there simply was no hope

His ivreh was atrocious, the place he'd always lose
He'd show up on Yom Kippur wearing shiny polished shoes
Everyone would laugh and snicker when he passed them by in shul
Here comes Yankel am ha'aretz could there be a bigger fool

Stubborn Yankel he just kept on trying
They all told him it's a hopeless cause
But he kept saying one day I'll know how to
Learn the torah and keep its laws

Now one night the Rabbi fell asleep in shul
Only to wake up when he heard a sigh
It was Yankel by the aron kodesh
And there were teardrops running from his eyes

He was saying "Master of the world I know you hear my prayer
And I accept my fate in life your judgments always fair
Yet one thing I must ask you, where else am I to turn
Could I not serve you so much more if I knew how to learn?"

The rabbi sent Yankel to learn in yeshiva
They all thought he'd lost his sanity
He'll be back in a week for certain
All the Rabbi said was wait and see

Yankel's now a famous scholar it just took a few short years
For the gates of heaven never close, they never close for tears
And everyone stands to shake his hand as he passes them in shul
Here comes Yankel talmud chacham how could we have been such fools