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I first want to thank Hashem for sending me this story. It was told to me at a chizuk meeting by a dear friend. His name is Moshe he is an unbeliveble person who he himself has become a Ba'al Teshuva. He has told me if not for Hashem he would be lost. He is so greatful to Hashem for leading him down the road back to Him. He is also joined our Divrei Chizuk Team. 

After hearing and watching about this boy. I met with the Father we spoke for hours, it moved me so much we made a malaveh malka to tell everyone about it. B"H over 250 people came it was a big night of chizuk for all. If you are interested in making a night of chizuk in your community please contact us at info@divreichizuk.com

Please watch these videos and your life will change forever. You will get such chizuk from this.Then if you would like, please email me at info@divreichizuk.com   and let me know your thoughts and how you liked it. 





One must know that everything and anything comes from Hashem. Hashem is the one that put us in the matzav we are in He and only He will take us out. We MUST call to Him b'emes, say to Hashem

" Hashem I take upon myself(some examples) to learn more, or daven harder, say brachos with more feelings. Please accept my taking this upon myself and help me with......."

Bracha & Hatzlacha

If you need help with this and how to say this, or how to do this, please call at 347-846-8085 or e-mail info@divreichizuk.com


Recently the Divrei Chizuk team ensemble paid a bikur cholim visit to give chizuk to someone please click on video's below. If you would like a visit from the divrei chizuk ensemble please call 347-846-8085 or email at info@divreichizuk.com

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