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Hashem loves me 100%


Lichvod Dear Klal Yisrael if you are asking Does Hashem love me?
The answer is simple.
Don't let the Yetzer Horah get you into thinking differently!

  • Run to Hashem
  • Cry out to Hashem
  • Say I love You Hashem
  • Say I need You Hashem
  • I miss You Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem
  • Close your eyes and think of how great Hashem is
  • Think of all the things Hashem has given you
  • Think of all things Hashem does for you
  • Smile
  • Be happy
  • Smile at someone


Hashem's Infinite Love
courtesy of Rav David Ashear 
Many people grew up with an image in their minds that Hashem is a strict judge, constantly seeking to punish us when we step out of line. This image has caused them to live their lives in a state of fear and worry. Yes, they believe in Hashem and know He is in control of everything. Yet, they think to themselves, "Maybe He is going to hurt me now," or, "Maybe He is going to allow other people to hurt me." This attitude makes the Torah and mitzvot feel like a burden to them. They do mitzvot only in order that Hashem won't hurt them. This thinking is misguided and does not portray Hashem properly.
The Chovot Halevavot writes in the Sha'ar HaBitachon, the first condition necessary to become a    בוטח בה(one who trusts Hashem) is to know and internalize that Hashem loves us more than anyone in the world could possibly love us. Let us picture for a moment a person who we love so much, someone we would do anything for, at any time. Now, imagine that person in a vulnerable and helpless state, in need of our help. How much love and compassion would we have for him at that time? All of that love would not equal even one trillionth of the love that Hashem has for each of us at all times. When a child is in the presence of his parents, he feels secure because he knows how much his parents love him. This is how we are supposed to feel all day long.
Furthermore, Hashem does not get personally offended if we don't follow the Torah. He doesn't look to take revenge if we don't listen to Him. Hashem has one goal. He wants us to be happy and enjoy for all eternity. He wants us to be fit to have the indescribable pleasure of basking in the radiance of His Divine Presence. If somebody does a sin and brands a blemish on his soul, Hashem, in His infinite mercy, gives him an opportunity to erase it and become pure again. When we get hurt or afflicted, it is not a punishment out of vengeance, Chas v'shalom. It is a correction out of love. If we would know why Hashem was doing it and the benefit we receive as a result, we would ask for it ourselves. There is nothing in the world to fear. We are in the hands of the merciful, compassionate, loving G-d.
Even a person who did the unthinkable can still come back to Hashem. There is nothing we could do to lose Hashem's love. The wicked King Menashe did the worst sins; he even killed the prophet Yeshaya. Yet, when he was in grave danger and called out to Hashem for help, the Midrash says, the angels cried out, "Hashem, how could you possibly help a man who put an idol in Your Bet HaMikdash!?" Nonetheless, Hashem saved him, because Hashem's mercy knows no bounds. Hashem was teaching us that there is nothing a person could do that would ever take away Hashem's mercy from him.
If we begin to view Hashem the way that we are supposed to, then we could begin to live life with security. If we would feel even a minute amount of His endless love, it would calm our nerves. We should feel at all times that only the best possible outcome will happen, because Hashem only does good for us. He wants us to follow the Torah for our benefit. It's not for Him. We are the ones gaining every time we do a mitzvah, or every time we refrain from doing an avera.
Each one of us is like an only child to Hashem. When Hashem told Moshe to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the Jews out of Mitzrayim, his first message was, כה אמר ה' בני בכורי ישראל, "So says Hashem, the Jewish People are My firstborn."
Having the right attitude towards Hashem is so fundamental. When internalized, we will want to be close to Him. As David HaMelech said, ואני קרבת אלוקים לי טוב, there is nothing better than being close to Hashem. We will realize that there is no better place in the world to be than where we are right now, always in the embrace of Hashem.