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Approaching shidduchim, life with Emunah-



 Shidduchim, all come from Hashem. PERIOD.  

This page is liuly Nishmas two very holy neshamos. Yisroel Levin z”l and Elisheva Kaplan a”h, chosson and kallah were engaged to be married

and were killed in a horrible car accident. It is to give chizuk and to strengthen our emunah in Hashem. 

While everyone is trying in their own way to help in shudduchim, and its all from the heart, and if you tried and are still waiting, listen to these chizuks by Rav David Ashear, also join the web site 10k shidduchim as they would like to change that attitude with a more positive and optimistic approach.

Please have in mind as we are working on ourselves in building a stronger relationship with Hashem.

לעילוי נשמת ישרא-ל בן ישעי-הו הלוי,ואלישבע בתי׳ בת יחיא-ל אפרים



At the Levaya Klal Yisroel was touched and shaken by R’ Shaya Levin’s(Yisroel's father) requests of the Ribbono Shel Olam at his son and daughter-in-law to be’s levaya. R’ Shaya understands that shidduchim can only come from Hashem. So he asked the source. Hashem is the mezaveig zivugim and R’ Shaya asked for an afikomen present of ten thousand shidduchim. 

So what can we do?

1. Be mechazik ourselves by listening to Rav Asher's amazing chizuk. 2. Don't give up or loose hope c"v. 3. Know Hashem is in charge and your are in the best of hands, being taken care of 24/7.

4. Join the 10k Batay Yisrael amazing program and REDT A SHIDDUCH! (Or two!)  click here to read more 


Check back on this site as I will IY"H be posting more chizuk on shidduchim with the word New. Keep on your beautiful connection with Hashem and keep on asking and begging for His loving help. Always be thankful and pray and help others. In the zechus of us working together, may Hashem answrer all our heartfelt bakashos hakol ltov and bring us all home. AMEN!
Rav David Ashear chizuk.
1. Gates of Gratitude- click here to listen

2. Never Give up-click here to listen

3. The Ultimate Shadchan-click here to listen

4. Approaching shidduchim, life with Emunah-
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Tizku Lmitzvos.