Welcome to Divrei Chizuk! Bringing the Bais HaMikdash down 1 brick+ at a time

The following are things I said and still say over and over throughout the day,  that help me feel better and get closer to Hashem while going through my difficulties or through life. 

I want to greet Moshiach B'Kedusha Ub'Taharah

1.The more I let Hashem into my life the better I will feel.

2.In order for Hashem to help. I have to let Him in.

3. It is Hashem that gives me the Koach (strength).

4. Hashem please help me find my way back to You.

5. I believe that You are full of Chesed (kindness).


This is what I say when I get that feeling. I found it to be very helpful.
Pick one or more.

Thank You Hashem for everything You do for me.

Hashem I just want you to know that I love You.

Hashem I just want you to know I need You.

Hashem I just want you to know I trust You.

Try your best! Hashem will do the rest!

עבדו את ה' בשמחה

Hashem is my Father my Creator my Friend

Please Hashem I'm trying to run to You and get close to You, please help me with this.

During these times when one gets these feelings, one needs to get chizuk. One needs to turn and call out to Hashem.

1. Hashem is one.

2. I believe in you, Hashem.

3. Everything you do for me is for my best.

4. I love you Hashem

5. Hashem Hu Haelokim.

6. Hashem can do anything.

7. Hashem is right here holding me.(one must feel as if Hashem is holding ones hand).

8. Hashem loves me. 

9. Hashem is my Father. 

10. Hashem is the source of all blessings.

11. Hashem is with me.

12. I trust only in you Hashem.

13. The help comes only from

      you Hashem.

14. Thank you Hashem.

15. Please Hashem take me out of this feeling and help me


16. I want to be a better person, from now on. 

17. I'm calling out to you Hashem, b'emes.

18. One should train himself to say Gam Zu L'tova.

      (Everything is for the best)

19. Keep saying to Hashem I’m trying! I'm trying!

20. Hashem loves me, I am his son/daughter

21. My Father is the King of all Kings.

22. Hashem is great!!! 

23. I'm not worried I’m not afraid, Hashem is my Father.

24. Hashem I'm calling out to You for help.

25. A good thing to say and think: "Just like Hashem helped

      me in the past, He will help me now".

26.Hashem is Molei chesed V'rachamim.

27.I need you Hashem, and only You can help me.

28.You are my Father and I'm calling out to You for help.

29.Hashem has a master plan.

30. Hashem knows what He is doing.