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These were some things I learned while going/and go through my difficulties:

These are things I kept on saying. I tried to feel that Hashem is with me, holding me and carrying me. It helped me feel better to know that I can run to Him and that He is there, always. All this was and still is a chizuk (strength) for me. A good time to say this is when one feels down, lost hope, don't know where to go for help. If one is happy or in a good mood and can say this, that will bring one even closer to Hashem. If you need help in how to get the correct feeling please call 347-846-8085 or email info@divreichizuk.com


1. Hashem loves me more than anything.

2. One must trust in Hashem and only in Hashem at all times.(for the help comes only from Him)

3. Everything that happens is for a reason .

4. Everything Hashem does for me is to bring us closer to Him.

5. Everything Hashem does for me is 100%  out of love  no question.

6. Hashem does not do things just like that. There is a master plan behind everything, and even though at times we don't and can't understand, I must believe in Him and know and trust 100% in Him that he knows what He is doing.

7. If one looks for Hashem one will find Him no matter what. He is right there. Just open the door (of your heart) and let Him in.

8. Just trust in Him, run to Him, know that He is there holding and carrying you, He loves you more then anything, you are His beloved child.

9. Hashem has many rooms in His glorious kingdom. Each of the rooms has a lock on them. But there is a master key that can open all of them. It is a broken heart and a humbled spirit with a sincere t'feilah(prayer). That t'feilah goes up straight to Hashem,(straight to the

Kisay Ha Kavod).