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Please Hashem help!!! I need You.Please Father

Cry out to Hashem, then Click here to Find A Job. Hatzlacha

Whatever you do, DON'T STAY HOME. Go out, speak to people, network, ask someone if he knows of a job opening. Keep crying out to Hashem.  Go out, daven, answer "Amen Yihey Shmai Rabba" with full kavanah.  The Chofetz Chaim wrote that this is a segulah for all salvations both for the individual and the community. One should encourage others to do this mitzvah.

The power of  "Amen Yihey Shmai Rabba" is strong enough to change a person's pre-ordained mazal. Just by properly saying this one time, a person is able to change the mazal that he was born with. In addition to this all, an "Amen Yihey Shmai Rabba" is also able to nullify decrees pronounced on a person during his lifetime because of his sins.

(Maharal Nesivos Olam I)

Next: Keep saying over and over; Be B'simcha as you say this. Even while going through yisurim this shows Hashem that we trust in Him.

  • I Love You Hashem
  • I believe in You Hashem
  • I really need You, Hashem
  • I put my trust in You with whatever You do to me.
  • I know all is good.Please help me see, realize, uderstand this. 

There was once a person who died and went up to shamayim.  There he saw his whole life flash before him by the sea.  Whenever times were good, he saw two sets of footprints in the sand.  However, when times were rough, he only saw one set.  At the end  of the viewing, he turned to Hashem and asked, "Hashem, during my good times You were always with me, but when I needed you most, why did you leave me alone."  Hashem replied, "my beloved child, who I love more than anything, it was during those times that I was carrying you.



The Rambam says that the highest degree of Tzedakah is helping a person find a job so they can support themselves!

We must all pull together as ONE. We are an Am Kadosh, Hashem's Holy children. What should one do? Let us all come together and show Hashem why He chose us to be His special Nation.

The first thing one should do is be mispallel to Hashem. Say to Hashem ''Please Hashem I lost my job & I really need You I am scared, worried, I don't want to chalila lose hope. The financial crisis has started to take a serious toll on many of us. Many people have lost their jobs, and people are starting to suffer.Please Hashem have rachamim on us. You are our G-D, our Father and I am crying out to You & for all who need You now more then ever".


With everything that is going on in the news today one has to call out to Hashem and only to Hashem. And call out to Him Bemes. If you lost money, if you can’t sleep. If you are tired of walking around feeling down, scared, alone, depressed.


 I have been there, I also have these feelings, and this is what I am working on each and every day.

Here is the answer I have learned, Is it easy, NO. But this is what we must continue to work on each and every day.  

We must keep repeating this over and over. Tell Hashem that you are going to improve in some way, and b'zechus this May Hashem answer your/our cry and all your/our T'filot).  

 תהלים קמה

 קָרוֹב ה' לְכָל קרְאָיו, לְכל אֲשֶׁר יִקְרָאֻה בֶאֱמֶת

Hashem is close to all who call upon Him

To all who call upon Him sincerely. 

Calling to Hashem B'emes means showing Hashem we sincerely want to change our ways.

אַשְׁרֵי אִישׁ שֶׁיִּשְׁמַע לְמִצְוֹתֶיךָ, וְתוֹרָתְךָ וּדְבָרְךָ יָשִׂים עַל לִבּוֹ

Praiseworthy is the person who obeys Your commandments, and Your teaching and Your word places upon his heart Keep calling to Hashem B'emes means showing Hashem we sincerely want to change our ways We must increase our chesed let us help one another. 
 It is a mitzvah to;
עבדו את ה' בשמחה
serve Hashem with happiness:-)
First, if you are not b'simcha then be mispallel for it. We must ask Hashem to help us feel b'simcha with what we are going through. When we show Hashem that even though it is difficult right now, that we trust in Him with what He is doing.
(I thank the person who called and shared with me his feeling.This should be for a zechus for him and his entire mishpacha, and for all of Klal Yisrael).
 If you are b'simcha help others in any way be mispallel for others even if you don't know who they are. Use the simcha feeling to get closer to Hashem. As Yaakov did when he saw his son Yosef after 22 years.  

Boruch Hashem, there are many organizations trying to find people jobs as quickly as possible. Ordinary folks in Shuls are getting together with one another and trying to find the unfortunate ones jobs, while others are assiting them with loans and others with the much needed Chizuk.Sometimes, it takes tragedy R”L, or hard times such as these, to bring out the best of Yidden, put our differences aside, and work together as a true “Klal Yisroel”.On that note, YWN has decided to make all job listings in the YWN Classifieds Section FREE OF CHARGE - for at least the next two months. This will allow those looking for work, and those offering work to hopefully find a match. If you are looking for work, or have a position open for someone, please click on this link http://theyeshivaworld.com/classifieds/  and put your information in!

  • If you have an idea on how to help klal Yisrael please call or email at 347-846-8085/ info@divreichizuk.com

  • If you have a business or know of someone needing to hire people post it on the divrei chizuk web site please email info@divreichizuk.com

  • Please tell this to as many people as possible, so we can all work together. Participate in this mitzvah.



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